Updated: Jul 14, 2021

With so many lash serums on the market today, it's truly difficult to determine the difference between all of them. Some are designed for “Conditioning”, some for “Length” only, and yet others ( the $20 brands you see on Amazon) really do nothing at all! Long Lashing Complex addresses Cleansing, Conditioning, Strength, Volume and Length in a simple to use once a day application.

MarkusScottCosmeceuticals approach to lash care stems from the same care that you would put into your hair and scalp everyday. You cleanse your hair and treat it with nourishing ingredients to protect and provide you healthy and lustrous locks that everybody will notice. Long Lashing Complex is designed to treat your lashes and brows with the same care... but in only one step with ingredients that say “We Care”.

Long Lashing Complex is the industry first and only that uses Colloidal Silver Enhanced Aqua rather than just water alone. Why is this important? Colloidal Silver is a strong antibacterial and cleanser that also doesn’t interfere with lash extension glues. How many of us can cleanse our lash line efficiently? The build up of bacterium caught between the lashes starves and weakens our lash line health and there by resulting in stress to our follicles which causes our lashes and extensions to fall out! Who couldn’t benefit from a cleaner lash line? Another added bonus Colloidal Silver offers is less worry about bacteria building up in your bottle from daily use and exposure.

The second step to optimal lashes and brows is our unique delivery of actives and peptides. Our peptide complex contains no ingredients that have any reported sensitivities, even the most sensitive girl in the room can use our formula. MarkusScottCosmeceuticals not only uses the most active peptides in the lash and brow market... but we choose a delivery that allows you to get the most optimal benefits from the peptides. Once again MarkusScottCosmeceuticals choose to go alone in introducing an ingredient nobody else is using... Caffeine! Caffeine acts as a stimulant and there by increases blood flow to the target area and also allows better absorption of the peptides.

Better delivery of peptides = Better growth and volume

The last step in our quest for making the absolute best lash/brow health and growth formula is adding beneficial vitamins and conditioners that cause no irritations. When you apply Long Lashing Complex to your lash line the small particles of the peptides and actives are absorbed quickly to the target area... but as you blink the larger particles of the conditioners vitamin e, castor oil, panthenol, hydrolyzed silk and hyaluronic acid work down the lashes providing lustre, shine and protection. No more need too worry about the damages from harsh cleansing, using mascara, lash extensions and curling can do.

Conditioned lashes = Thicker and darker lashes

We can proudly say Long Lashing Complex not only competes with the $100 lash serums... but in our humble opinion... we feel we’re doing a little more ;)


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