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$ 150

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We work by stimulating your own bodies natural healing response

No Surgery. No Injections. EVER!

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Safe & Minimal Pain

No Downtime

Natural Results

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Micro needling stimulates the production of proteins that are responsible for new hair growth and increases nutrient delivery to the follicles including human growth hormone by inducing blood circulation.

Our scalp cleansing treatment tool uses sound waves to gently clease and exfoliate the scalp. Excess oils and debris from product and environmental build-up is easily removed with this method and alone can boost scalp health.

A series of 3 treatments is recommended within a 3 month period for optimal improvements

Growth can be noticeable in as little as 2 weeks after initial treatment

Thickening will start to take place in areas that growth was sparse before 

In just a few months hair can be fuller, thicker and healthier

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Improvement cannot be guaranteed due to genetic, diet, age, stress and health conditions. 

There may be some mild discomfort during the procedure.


After just one Hair Restoration treatment, my hair felt "fuller" and I could see little hairs coming in around my hairline. After two treatments I could see "fluff" growing in my bald spots. By treatment three, most of my bald spots had grown back in!

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I have had only 2 treatments to date and already my hair is coming in fuller and in it's original color !!! I highly recommend this service to any man looking to reduce his grey and renew hair growth. It works for me! I am a satisfied customer no question.

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Before & Afters

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