The medical micro needling facial can stimulate and activate the body's own natural collagen healing process to restore skin to a more youthful and glowing appearance. Skin needling is a non-invasive anti aging facial that works wonders with minimal downtime. It is an ideal choice for those wishing to naturally lift and tighten the skin elasticity, lessen fine lines and wrinkles, lighten age spots, minimize pore size, reduce scars, and stretch marks.

There is no downtime, nothing is injected.

The results unfold over a period of 2 weeks - 6 months. The needling process will create a release of the bodies growth process including new epidermal growth delivered by fibroblasts that include collagen, elastin and melanin to the treated area. The body's ability to remodel and heal itself is at the heart of this amazing facial treatment.

The results from this facial is smoother skin, fresher and improved skin tone, lifting, and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Collagen remolding in normal skin takes at least 90 days, so the effects of this treatment facial may not be fully appreciated for at least 3 months after initial facial. But the effects lasts for years.

There may be some mild discomfort during the procedure.