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When you book your Free Consultation we'll answer any questions you have and help you choose the right services for you. Once we understand your goals, we will create a plan that meets your limitations of finances and your timeline of completion.

Hair Restoration Canada


Hair Restoration Canada


Hair Restoration Canada


Hair Restoration Canada
Hair Restoration Canada

GILTII Skincare uses the most up to date technological advances in non-surgical aesthetic services to deliver natural looking and long lasting results. All services have minimal downtime and utilize your own bodies natural healing response. Some results can be seen immediately & given time will improve your skin's overall health dramatically.

Hair Restoration Canada
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We work by stimulating your own bodies natural healing response

No Surgery. No Injections. EVER!

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If you want to improve your appearance and are not convinced injections or surgery are the way to go... make and appointment and see what GILTII can so for you! Our goal is to work with you and exceed your expectations by providing the most effective, results driven treatments and skincare products available.

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Studies have shown that increased confidence in the way you look has been known to encourage healthier habits, reduce stress, improve physical and mental wellbeing.


Achieve the appearance you want without the risks of surgery or "Feeling GILTII" about investing in YOU! You're worth it!

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Lalena has spent 17 years in the fitness industry as both a gym owner and trainer. She applies the same belief of utilizing "training" to her skin care services and believes the skin responds best to a great workout and thoughtful recovery. She's always been a minimalist when it comes to beauty and believes the best makeup is none at all...but a little mascara and lipgloss makes any face a little happier.


Lalena's career in the skin and hair industry spans back more than 20 years. Her education and experience in skincare treatments and product development is extensive.

Her latest creation, The Advanced C Age Reversing Facial integrates two ultrasonic technologies that will forever change the way you view getting a facial. She's proud to be the first to deliver this results driven service to all the great people on Vancouver Island!


- Certified in Medical Micro-Needling, Advanced Ultrasonic Treatments for both skin and scalp health and HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound )


- Her High Performance formulating skills has led her to being Head Formulator and co-founder of Bespok Skincare.


Lalena's passion for the industry and thirst for excellence means she continually attends training and keeps on top of the latest developments in the cosmetic industry and ensuring her skills are always sharp. Lalena's desire to get results with an innovative approach in a professional, relaxing atmosphere, sets her apart from the rest.

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The immediate results of The Advanced C Facial were impressive! Fine lines diminished, eyelids lifted, and those nasty " upper lip & marionette lines " were practically gone!

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I would highly recommend Lalena she is SO knowledgeable and truly genuine in her desire to make people gain back some confidence in their own skin.

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I really recommend Lalena - she is honest, compassionate and professional. I travel from Courtenay to Parksville for treatments and would follow her anywhere.

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